Email Marketing

Our expert email marketing team handles all your email outreach campaigns with a dedicated end-to-end approach to ensure proper utilization of your business resources and maximize the reach of the campaign. Our team coordinates with the client to determine the campaign criteria and motive to ensure the intent of the campaign. We then move on to the extraction of raw data as per campaign requirements and motives. With a detailed quality and content check, the emails are then scheduled or sent as per the client's requirement. A detailed delivery check is performed with an informative report to give the client a complete assessment of the campaign for them to determine the outcome of their investment.

A targeted email campaign has proven to deliver much better results than a generalized campaign and this is why most campaigns carried out at Reports Intellect are customized based on intent and target audience. Our team also ensures GDPR compliance to avoid any complications with our campaigns. An in-detail delivery analysis is performed and assessed in a report to deliver it to the client. Relative contacts are also provided to the client if required or requested to create a more targeted campaign specific to client goals.